Player shops

Within this guide we will describe the several steps that you can take within the player shops. Should there be any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact staff in-game.

Teleporting to the player shops area

You can reach the player shops in the specific world by using the command "/pshop" or "/warp pshop". This will directly teleport you to the center of the world where you can start discovering.

How to rent an player shop area

To rent a player shop you need to find the signs near each square entrance. This sign will display the below information if it is available:
If this sign is shown, you are able to rent the player shop for 30 days for 1.500 IG currency. You can rent this shop by right clicking the sign once. If you right click again when you have the shop, an additional 30 days will be added to your rent and be charged from your balance. (If the timer reaches 0, the shop will be removed and reset to the default setting. This will result in loss of items which we are unable to refund.)

When you rented the shop successfully, the sign will change and display the following information:

Keep in mind that you can only rent 1 area.

Creating a shop

When you rented an area, you can start building your shop. You can build everything you want if it is in respect with our rules.

Once you have built your shop design, you are able to put in (double)chests. Each (double) chest can become a shop. Once you have placed the chests, you must hold the item you want to sell and left click on the chest. When you did this correctly, the following message will appear:

After this message appeared, you can set a price for the items: for example, 24 each or 24,5 each. You can set this price by typing the value in chat and pressing enter. After you did this, the shop will appear on the chest.

Once the sign and the price are set, you can add the items in the chest by right clicking the chest.

Buying from a shop

When you want to buy items from a shop, you must left click the sign once. The following message will appear in chat:

This overview will show you the owner, what item is in the shop and the current shop stock. In addition, you can see the price and that the shop is selling the items. When you have the right shop selected, you can put the amount you want to buy in chat and press enter.

Changing the price of a shop

Should you want to change the price of the shop, you can do this without breaking the shop. Just look at the shop and write the following command in chat with the new price per item: “/shop price <amount>”.

Changing a shop to "Buy mode"

You want to buy items in your shop? No problem, we got you covered! Simply right click on the sign of the shop and a menu will show up. You will see a line saying: “Shop mode:” This section will indicate if the shop is selling or buying items. By default, it will always say “Selling”.

Deleting a shop

If you want to remove a shop, you must right click on a sign. The options below will show up. The last option: “Remove Shop” will delete the sign. The items that are still in the chest, will stay in the chest.