Welcome to the store page(s) for EscapezCraft Network.

We hope we will be able to provide you with the items you are looking for. For any questions you should still have, please visit our Discord or create a support topic on our forum.

EscapezCraft Network consists currently out of two servers: Survival and Creative. Both servers have their own and separate shops. Buying an item from one shop will not give any advantage on the other server.

To visit the stores, please click on the following links to be brought to the correct website (click on the name of the server or copy the link within your browser):

We thank you in advantage for buying any of our packages, ranks or services and hope you will enjoy it. We will use these funds to further continue hosting the server and to bring you more servers.

When you bought any of our packages or ranks, you agree with the terms and conditions, our refund policy as well our server rules. Any violation will result in a punishment. Any initiated refunds will result in a permanent ban from all our servers and be banned from making any further purchases from any Minecraft server or any other server on any other game that uses the services from Tebex.