Welcome to EscapezCraft
Started by Oakinerator

Welcome to our server, we are glad we can welcome you to our community and our escape. 


EscapezCraft is a social, friendly and small server founded in October 2020 with a single goal: be an enjoyable place where everyone can be them self. Together with our community we hope we can realise this and become a great place for everyone. (English or Dutch, no matter what language you speak.)


IP: play.escapez.be on a Minecraft version 1.16.5


In order to let you fully enjoy our server and get the best out of it, we recommend you to join us on Discord. Most days we are chatting together there and having a nice time. Link: https://discord.gg/GnFVepkgv6


We hope you will enjoy your time!



Team Escapez

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