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To keep everyone up to date we will create an overview of all changes made on the server. We will do our best to keep it as complete as possible and update you as soon as possible.



- Website release

About 1 year ago


- The new player shops have been made available for everyone. Get there by using /pshop and for more information: .

- Added Shulkers shells (50ea) to the shop at /pshop

- Added Elytra (7.500ea) to the shop at /pshop

- Added Sponge (10ea) to the shop at /pshop

- Added 4 shops at /pshop that will buy your diamonds for 30 ea

- Updated the price of following items (both at /pshop and the NPC's at spawn):

  1. Diamond ==> 31,67 to 30
  2. Iron horse armor ==> 4.800 to 3.000
  3. Gold horse armor ==> 6.600 to 4.000
  4. Diamond horse armor ==> 9.150 to 5.000
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- World border added on both the nether and the end. 10k Blocks in each direction.

About 1 year ago


- In order to further stimulate player to player trade, the NPC's at spawn will no longer buy goods.

- From now on, cities can have their own Discord channel on our Discord. For more information, please visit the channel #city-management at the Discord. Together with this, we would like to ask to not advertise (directly or indirectly) your own private Discords for cities.

About 1 year ago