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For being the nice place that we try to be at Escapezcraft, we are in need to enforce several rules. In-game as well as on our sites and Discord. By using any of our services and playing on our servers, you indirectly agree to these rules and are subject to punishments in case of rule-breaking.

Together we can follow these rules and make Escapezcraft a nice, friendly and social place to have fun together.


General rules

G1: Be polite and friendly to each and everyone. 

G2: Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself.

G3: Any form of racism, sexism and any other form of disrespect to someone is strictly prohibited.

G4: Creating a chargeback or a dispute in regards to paid donations will lead to a permanent ban from all our services together with a permanent ban from Tebex. This will indirectly lead to being banned from buying anything in the future from each and every other Minecraft server.

G5: Advertising for another Minecraft server is not allowed.

G6: We are always open for spontaneous applications to assist with the server and the maintenance. However keep in mind that newly joined players have a small chance in being accepted. Lying in your application is not allowed either. Staff members are free to check your stories and put it to a general test.


In-game rules

IG1: Any form of hacking or feature that gives you an advantage over someone is not allowed and will lead a temporary ban from our servers. (This includes and is not limited to: chats, mods, bugs, clients and anything else that gives an unfair advantage.)

IG2: In order to play together in a friendly and nice way, any form of griefing is not allowed. Even land and buildings that are not claimed can not be griefed if it belongs to someone else. (Harvesting a field and replanting it is allowed.)

IG3: Attempting to or using an in-game chunkloader system will result in loss of items used for the chunkloader. Breaking this rule multiple times will result in being temporary banned from our servers.

IG4: Creating in-game games or shops with hoppers that are not working is not allowed and will result in possible loss of items.


Creative server rules

C1: Creating any form of lagmachines is not allowed.

C2: Creating any form of machine or system to bypass claimprotection or plotprotection is not allowed.

C3: Any building that can be seen as racist, sexual or in general inappropriate is strictly prohibited.

C4: Destroying other peoples building in the freebuild world is not allowed, using worldedit to destroy other buildings will result in temporary loss of access to the freebuild world.


Discord voice rules

D1: Should you want to use our voice chats on Discord, we would like to ask to use push to talk in case your environment has a lot of background chatter. Not using push to talk in this case can result in being kicked from the Discord as this can be irritating to other people. Should you be asked to use push to talk, please enable the setting!

D2: Please respect each other in the voice chats and do not start yelling at each other.

D3: Please let everyone complete their sentences without being interrupted. You like it as well if others allow you to speak.


Should any of the above mentioned rules be broken, EscapezCraft staff members can punish you in any way. You are always able and free to create a ticket on our Discord (#helpdesk) and request a review of your punishment(s). Your request will be subject for review by 1 or more staff members.


We hope you will enjoy your stay! Together we can make from Escapezcraft a great place to be.

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