EscapezCraft is growing! New Creative server
Started by Oakinerator

Hi there!


Some of you might already heard something about it, but here it is. From now on EscapezCraft is a network, offering everyone the experience of Survival or full on Creative in a plotworld or in a normal vanilla map.


Regarding the Survival, nothing changes, and everything will remain the same. You will still be able to join the network via after which you can join the Survival server or the Creative server by selecting the desired server.


To upkeep the costs, both Birger147 and Oakinerator are paying from the servers. The servers are kept separately and together we form EscapezCraft network. For our network, two different shops were created, one for the Survival and one for the Creative server. Please keep in mind that buying from one shop will not give any award/future on the other server(s)!


Now to the good stuff! How does it all work? Whenever you join the Creative server, you will get the Builder rank and get access to the plotworld. You will be able to claim a single plot for your own and build on this whatever you want. (Keep in mind the rules of course and common sense.) For a tutorial and general commands, please visit our wiki relating to the plotworld (click here) . For the rules relating to the Creative server, please click here.


For the plotworld we created a total of 4 ranks (cool, supreme, elite and wonderful). These ranks will give you access to several more commands, fun commands, more plots and so on. Worldedit is available via an additional package. 


As mentioned before, a normal vanilla map is available as well within the creative server. As this is a larger map, we will limit the access to this map. Each person who can join the map will get the ability to claim an area for their own of 200 by 200 blocks (40.000 blocks). (Of course, you can change the sizes, split it over more claims …) To get access to this world, a membership can be bought from the shop. These plans are available per month, per 3 or 6 months. Within this world you can use worldedit whenever you also own respective package. Should you find 40k blocks not enough and you need more blocks, you are still able to buy an additional 40k from the store.


A general link to the online store for the Creative server can be found here ( For any questions relating to the server, please contact Oakinerator or any other member of the staffteam via the Discord, forum or general support. Questions relating to payments can be send to the email mentioned on the store.


We hope you will enjoy our new server/network! We all hope you are going to have a creative time building your ideas 😉.



Team Escapez

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