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Birger147 Birger147about 1 year ago
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Beste Escaperz!!


Hier hebben jullie alvast een sneak peek van jullie toekomstige Playershop.

Zijn jullie klaar om jullie innerlijke verkoper naar boven te halen?

Binnenkort weten jullie meer! Tot snel!

~ Team Escapez



Dear Escaperz!! 

Here's a sneak peek of your future Playershop. 

Are you ready to bring out your inner salesperson? 

Soon you will know more! See you soon!

~ Team Escapez



Oakinerator Oakineratorabout 1 year ago
1412 1

Hi there!


Some of you might already heard something about it, but here it is. From now on EscapezCraft is a network, offering everyone the experience of Survival or full on Creative in a plotworld or in a normal vanilla map.


Regarding the Survival, nothing changes, and everything will remain the same. You will still be able to join the network via after whi...

Oakinerator Oakineratorabout 1 year ago
1151 1

Welcome to our server, we are glad we can welcome you to our community and our escape. 


EscapezCraft is a social, friendly and small server founded in October 2020 with a single goal: be an enjoyable place where everyone can be them self. Together with our community we hope we can realise this and become a great place for everyone. (English or Dutch, no matter what language you speak.)



Oakinerator Oakineratorabout 1 year ago
1133 4

To keep everyone up to date we will create an overview of all changes made on the server. We will do our best to keep it as complete as possible and update you as soon as possible.



- Website release

Birger147 Birger147about 1 year ago
3039 1

For being the nice place that we try to be at Escapezcraft, we are in need to enforce several rules. In-game as well as on our sites and Discord. By using any of our services and playing on our servers, you indirectly agree to these rules and are subject to punishments in case of rule-breaking.

Together we can follow these rules and make Escapezcraft a nice, friendly and social place to have fun together.


General rules

G1: Be polite and friendly to each and everyone.